Powerful &
Secure hosting for Cambridge

Highly-optimised, stable and self-healing cloud servers built with 100% enterprise-grade SSD disks. All data is served from our UK datacentre.

Speed, security and reliability is what is most important to our business
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First web design
First Web Design
Our Hosting

Optimised Servers:

LiteSpeed server + caching for optimal performance.

Our servers utilise LiteSpeed web server & caching technologies to deliver lightning-fast speeds.

  • Latest Dell enterprise-grade servers
  • Dual CPUs, 24+ cores
  • Min. 96GB RAM
  • LiteSpeed Caching
  • Samsung battery backed Solid State Disks (SSD’s)

Secure Hosting:

Firewall, DDoS protection + CloudLinux as standard.

Top-level security measures in place, with regular virus & malware scans.

  • Comprehensive Firewall
  • Weekly/realtime file scanning for malicious files
  • Apache mod_security
  • Encrypted cPanel & email access
  • Password protect directories
  • Restrict access by IP
  • Hotlink/Leech protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication (TFA/2FA)

Super-fast Network:

UK-based datacentre with gigabit

Our UK-based datacentre utilises a 100Gbps high capacity multi-carrier network with the best routing technologies.

  • 100Gbps redundant BGP connectivity
  • 100Gbps private optical ring between datacentres
  • 2,000Gbps DDoS Protection
  • 3 msec transfer time from London
  • Flat design with low latency
  • IPv6 ready
Our Green Machines

Green cloud hosting:

The Green Machines‚Äč

The power supplied to our datacentre is 100% renewable/clean energy, making us green hosting providers.

Our service operates on 100% renewable energy supplied directly by Ecotricity. All power consumed at our Netwise datacentre facility uses 100% renewable energy and have achieved a PUE rating of 1.12.

Our Security


DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are a constant threat...

Our in-house network utilise both on-premise and upstream DDoS mitigation. This ensures your website and our wider network is protected from any attack without disruption to service.

  • Upstream filtering provided via direct interconnects with Voxility and Link11.
  • 100Gbit of local scrubbing capacity via on-premise Corero equipment.
  • Ability to automatically redirect all inbound traffic via Voxility and/or Link11 to redirect malicious traffic away from local scrubbing.
About Us

Cambridge Servers

We are a Cambridge (UK) based secure website hosting provider, serving local & national business since 2003.

Providing hosting services since 2003!

Cambridge Servers offer reliable, powerful & secure website hosting services for local and national business.

Our ethos is one of reliability & sustainability, utilising the very best in green renewable energy to power the very latest SSD technology, ensuring lightning speed performance without compromising security.



T: 01480 262123

167-169 Great Portland street, 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF